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Can't get past Async CTP dll

May 7, 2013 at 3:25 PM
Would love to try out this code, but I can't get past the Async CTP dll dependency. I know this is a bit old, and I understand that Async's capabilities are now included into VS2012 (BTW I have both VS2010 and 2012 installed side-by-side if that matters), so I'm not sure where that leaves support for the CTP package. I assume I need this no matter what though, as your code has a dependency on the dll that comes with it; unfortunately, I cannot get that install package to work in any capacity. The install runs without mentioning any error, but there's no folder under %user%\Documents with the dll, and not even any trace of Async CTP in Add\Remove Programs, or installed updates. It's as if the installer just runs, but really does nothing at all.

I was just hoping to take your code out for a spin really to learn a few things. Any ideas where I can get a valid copy of the Async dll that is supposed to have come with the CTP package?